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I'm James, website & IT administrator. This website is a place for me to write about programs and scripts I write, ideas I have and generally how things are going with them.

Then 'til now and beyond

My first job (part-time) at the age of 19 was as a junior web developer where I would assist in the general maintenance of websites for a small (4 person) company. This mostly involved CSS, HTML and ASP.

Since 2010 I have been employed by an e-commerce business. As the first employee my tasks varied from answering the phone to customers all the way to installing the new PCs.

As the business grew (to over 10 employees & multi-million yearly turnover) I have become much more focused on the software aspects of the business although I can still occasionally be found fixing a colleague's PC.

In my spare time I enjoying learning new things whether that be part of working towards my Open University degree or just because the fancy takes me.

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