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Back to basics

Originally posted: Wed 4th Apr 2018

Last updated: Wed 4th Apr 2018

Another post about pricing, sorry. It's the bane of my job and has been for the last 8 years or so but it's constantly evolving and gets a little easier every time.

I've been learning about proper software planning and I feel like it is bridging a large canyon in my knowledge which has always been hinted at but never quite fully detailed. A bold statement after two weeks of study out of a 6 month university module!

I have already used my new found knowledge of UML static models and sequence diagrams to create a temporary spreadsheet solution at work. I may not know the full "ins and outs" of the Unified Modeling (Modelling?) Language but my quick scribbling and UML-type drawings have helped a great deal in fleshing out plans.

I'm already thinking about modelling my Pieces of Eight software and it excites me at the prospect of drawing up requirements documents, unit testing and the vast amount of other development nuggets I haven't been taught yet. In a way it's like a very neanderthal way of iterative development.

Studying is going well, despite spending the Easter weekend in Dublin and leaving for Australia for a month tomorrow! I'm hoping while I am over there, between relaxing and studying I'll update this blog a bit more too.

Looking from my plane window to the coast below. Flying to the Emerald Isle!