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Originally posted: Mon 28th May 2018

Last updated: Mon 28th May 2018

Back from holiday and fully in to the swing of work and home life again. I had a brilliant time in Australia with my family and managed to study the necessary amount. My phone is absolutely full of pictures and videos from my adventures and I can't wait to go back one day.

Stow the mainsail, weigh anchor.

Work on Pieces of Eight has halted. I have realised I am guilty of having an ambitious idea which I simply do not have the time to single-handedly see to fruition (not for the first time).

I don't see it as wasted time and I may come back to it one day. It is another learning experience and I still think there is worth in it.

I can't think of a good sub-title for the next bit so here's a 7 second video instead!

Inspiration comes from many sources. While I was on holiday I had an idea for a pretty useless program. In this program I would have Fauna and Flora within a forest, each with their own interactions, modelled classes and attributes. Although this is of no practical use, it did help me think about how I would use abstraction, inheritance and interfaces.

Another source of inspiration is from my, if not random, weird and wonderful dreams. In a Facebook memory today I read that 7 years ago I was dreaming of dinosaur hunting chickens. Yes, chickens that hunt dinosaurs... potentially more to come on this!

To end, here is another video featuring my mum and brother. Enjoy;