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Originally posted: Mon 19th Aug 2019

Last updated: Mon 19th Aug 2019

I finally took some time recently to learn the real-world skills of version control, package management and unit testing. All things which I have always seen the benefit of but have never sunk my teeth in to actual learning to use any properly. (Aside from some half-hearted & failed attempts to use git in the past).

I am by no means fluent in all three but I have undertaken a project in which I am using git(hub), composer and phpunit. All of which are making my life a lot easier so far!

This project is unimaginatively given the moniker “pages” and it is intended to be a simple web framework for easier page management including caching, layouts, configuration files and routing. I don’t know if I will ever use it, but I am enjoying creating the different aspects.

I chose to start this project in PHP which is something I use day-to-day, mostly for small front-end alterations, fixing silly bugs left by developers or minor feature implementations (my most recent a Magento 1 menu image spriter, more on this when I get the time!).

I think it is fair to say that PHP is not my favourite language but I am finding that if I put proper thought in to the software design, I can accomplish what I want without too much “Google-foo”.

You can check out my project on my Github, here. Bear in mind that this is very much a work in progress and my first project on Github from the ground up.